Friday, April 22, 2011

an update of sorts

For those of you who read, you know that I was having some issues with my daughter, Susan's hearing.  I blogged about it here.  Yesterday we took another dreaded trip to the Allergist in Warsaw.  I couldn't have asked for a better day!  Its been rainy and cold here ALOT lately.  Yesterday, we had sun and it was warmer then its been (about 54 degrees).  We had the windows open and the music LOUD.  At the Allergist I sat in the waiting room pretty much stressing out.  I wasn't prepared for her to take a trip right then and there to the ENT if something was wrong with her ears.  Her teacher just told me that she has noticed a SIGNIFIGANT increase in her learning and reading in the past 2 weeks.  Sue herself  told me her ears have been fine, nothing bothering and not popping (which our Allergist said is the first sign of distress and infection if they are always popping).

We are finally called back into the room and both Dominic and Susan have grown 1 inch and 1 pound since their last visit 6 months ago!  Dominic is officially 2 inches and 2 pounds taller then his older sister!  Dominic does MUCH better at his breathing test because he finally learned the 'technique' at breathing into the machine and Susan stays consistant. 

Dominic has his own set of issues, none of which I am surprised at after the Doctor checked him out.  Susan's report turned out GREAT!  He said her ears look GREAT!  We made one minor change to her daily medications but we are good for another 6 months. 

I am a HAPPY Mama with this visit!  This means NO TUBES, NO HEARING AIDS, NOTHING!!!

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