Friday, April 22, 2011


I recently started watching Horders on Netflix.  WOW.  SO eye opening!  It has made me take a real look at my own life from past until now and really think.  I don't think I'm quite completely Horders-esque but I could see things getting there.  I see myself as a packrat and HATE to get rid of things, clothes especially for the kiddies.  With me packing for my upcoming move about 15 minutes south of where I am now, I am trying to figure out HOW to unpack when I get there and have things look GOOD and it STAY that way.  I HATE always looking cluttered!  Going back in life, I remember one house the kids and I had a couple years back and I think that was the least cluttered of all (or just well hid clutter!).  I also remember growing up all the catch up we played on the weekend that involved alot of yelling and screaming at us kids to clean things up and make it look nice.  I don't want that for me and my future.

So I guess what I'm getting at here, is I need some good tips from other moms of MANY children (remember I have 5) and how you stay organized and keep them organized and not so cluttered.  With a full time job I just feel like I accomplish nothing and then play catchup on the weekends.  I am also wanting to throw school for me into the mix and possibly being a coach for Gabriella's soccer team in the fall.  Yea, here I go addnig more to the plate for chaos already!  It bothers me to be cluttered but I feel lazy ALOT lately.  The laziness comes from the lack of sun and warmth, I know that for sure.  I am one of those people who thrive on the sun, undiagnosed.  I miss going tanning and wish I had the time or babysitter to watch them for the 15-20 minutes it would take.  I always felt so energized after a GREAT tanning session!  A housekeeper would be great but unaffordable. 

Advise?  Tips?  Anyone want to come and decorate for me?  LOL.

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