Monday, January 3, 2011

susan elizabeth

For those of you who don't know, this is my first born, Susan Elizabeth. She is definitely MY daughter.  I can say she looks like me when I was young, around her age (7).  She has my shy personality and a VERY big heart.  She wears her moods on her face and in her eyes, you can always tell how she is feeling.  OK, so most who read know OF her at least and have seen her but haven't experienced the moods of Susan or how lovable she is.  Why is she my focus today?  Good question.  Well, I am focusing on my baby girl for many reasons.....I don't give her enough recognition and she is my firstborn, She is the BEST helper I could ever have or ask for and because again today we have health concerns with her.  She had her normal yearly checkup today at the doctor where they check hearing, eye sight and just about everything.  I have noticed lately that her hearing isn't up to par.  I really

think she is reading lips to understand what we are saying.  When she was born we were concerned about her hearing.  Our original doctor, the one who delivered her and was our family doctor rubbed her dad and I the wrong way so we went and found a pediatrician.  GREAT!  He was opened on Saturdays and late evenings we were thrilled.  Our first appointment with him for Susan lasted 3 hours!  It was CRAZY.  He spend an hour digging wax our of our 2 month old baby girls ears.  She has always had excessive way.  Our 2nd appointment we had the 1st appointment slot at 8am and we were there until NOON.  That was enough to say forget it with him.  We then tried my MIL's doctor at the time and while he was good for my step daughters, for Susan I didn't like his lax treatment.  Here we were between a rock and a hard place figuring out what to do.  Anyways, I digressed.  She she has this ear thing going on.  We have been working with our Allergy & Asthma Specialist regarding this since approx last April.  He recommended an ENT and we never got the referral from our family doctor for the ENT.  The gift God gave to hear things is special.  It worries me that my baby is losing that gift.  I want to fight the doctors and get her in where ever and get her 'fixed' but this is a time when I need her daddy or someone here to help, my job isn't exactly the most understanding about having various doctor's appointments.  So I guess what I'm doing in all this rambling is asking for you to pray for my girl.  We are yet again on antibiotics for yet another ear infection and I really wish we could get this figured out.  When talking to the family doctor today about it he's not that concerned.  He said to come back end of January/mid February and we can see what should be done if it is still occurring.  If surgery with tubes is what is needed, I want it done, I don't want to have everything go too much longer and her end up with such severe loss that she would need aids.  Thanks for listening to the ramble, I needed to vent somewhere so.....there I went!
Susan and her Daddy

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  1. Susan, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!! I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers...