Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last of the Firsts

at 4th of July fireworks - VERY TIRED!
My little Miguel, #5 last child of mine is blowing through milestones like crazy now and I'm a little sad.  I'm sad that I can't have anymore babies.  It's not that I need anymore babies on my own or really want them, but knowing that I CAN'T have them is a slight downer to me.  We are exiting a lot of the baby phases - no more bottles for one and entering the big boy stage - I can run and walk alone and don't want any one's help doing ANYTHING!  His bilingual language is HUGE and I swear he comes home from Nana's house with a new English AND Spanish word daily!  He is such a lovable sweetie-pie.  Its just hard watching him grow up!  It seems like just yesterday he was born but in all reality he is 13 months old already!  He is no where ready to potty train, but brings me Giovanni's undies to put on.  Just too cute! 

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