Friday, April 22, 2011

Going Green - AND PROUD!

We're going to get quite personal here with this one.  I'm talking about my time of the month.  I've been wanting to switch from having to buy tampons for a REALLY.LONG.TIME.  Today, I did just that thanks to it being EARTH DAY! 

My friends Caroline alerted me that the Diva Cup was going to be on today and I GOT THAT STEAL!  YAY ME! 

Another friend referred me to someone making Mama Cloths.  I've been thinking about getting but have been a little leary wavering on the idea of getting them.  Well, so it happens there was a deal on in the blog that I just couldn't pass up. 

So there ya go.  I am going green.  It would figure, I just stocked up on pads and tampons, LOL. 

I am starting in other areas of life also, but this is a proud day for me!  Its a step into making the world right for my children.

How are YOU going green?

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  1. I've been cloth diapering my youngest for over a year now, so switching to cloth pads was pretty simple and obvious. I've tried the diva cup, but it intensified my cramps. (I don't do tampons for the same reason.) You might want to get a purse-sized wetbag or two for carrying your pads, and a couple medium-ish wetbags for dealing with soiled pads at home. Sarah's Stitches ( is a great place to get those things. You'll also have to be careful with your detergent... If you use something scented with dyes, drop it now, before you have a bad reaction.