Wednesday, November 3, 2010

feeling blessed

So much has happened today and I am ending the day feeling VERY blessed!

In a meeting today I was told that someone who used to be involved with our apartment complex/program wants to become a Guardian Angel for my family.  They won't necessarily be providing financials, I'm doing pretty ok with that right now but rather other types of support - a visit here and there, help when its time for us to move, more adult supportive figures in the children's lives.  I am SO grateful for all this!  The person who will lead our group of Guardian Angels made an impact in my children's lives the short time that we used to meet with them.  For us to be honored by being hand picked out of MANY applicants was amazing!  I didn't even put my name in for this, someone thought it would be good for the children and me and I am ever so grateful!

On another note, I keep getting complimented on my cooking.  Its almost like I should change my major in college I am thinking.  I have always had a dream in the back of my mind to have a home cooking catering business or teach people the basics to cooking.  I am by far not the best cook out there.  I try my best and love to try and mix and match different ingredients together.  I have absolutely no knowledge of cooking fish/crap/lobster and the like OR something like a whole chicken or turkey or something. The chicken/turkey I will definately be working on.  Fish and the like I LOVE to eat but scares the crap outta me.  I think I will continue to pray about it and see where God wants me to take this.  I feel honored that people think my basic, 'country' home cooking sounds delish/elegant/complicated when its really not.  I welcome ANYONE to come and cook with me and see how easy it really is.

On a cooking note, what's your favorite dish to cook?

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