Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating

So I've had many ask me why I don't take the kids trick or treating.  Many of my friends know that I did it all the time growing up (mom made a couple costumes and then Uncle Gary was another funder of my costumes) and it was tradition.  I would pout, stomp my feet and throw a full tantrum if I wasn't able to go for some reason.  The CATHOLIC school I went to for grade school even had a party in the evening in our Gym and we were encouraged to dress up for school in our costumes.

Ok, so onto the task at hand.  Why don't we do it. 

It started way before I even had Sue.  I am Catholic and and strong believer in the Catholic faith.  The father of my children was raised Catholic and then Mennonite.  I knew this when we got together, way before Susan was even born.  So when she was conceived and her due date was October....I started immediately looking for costumes knowing the love I had for the 'holiday'.  When he came to find out I was looking for costumes, it was explained that Mennonites do not celebrate nor believe in this 'holiday' and he would not have his children celebrating it either.  It was a fight for a while between us, but I gave in.  What couple week old child really needed candy anyways?  It would be more to fatten me up and I didn't need that.  As the years went on and his daughters came to live with us and Dominic was born, we still didn't celebrate.  We did carve pumpkins one year and pass our candy and we had fun with that.  It came to be an understanding between us that with his believe the kids wouldn't do it.

We did do it once....DISASTEROUS!  Melt down city and this was approx 2 years ago.  Nana got costumes for Sue and Dom (cheerleader and firefighter) and Bella had a Notre Dame cheerleader costume, Gio was with Aunt Meghann and I sent a baseball player outfit, he was under a year old.  So as we go....the first few houses were ok, then the fun wore off and the whining, crying, tripping over feet, the darkness, we went home exhausted, hungry and not happy people.

Do I plan to follow this forever?  I don't know.  Things with the kids and I change as they get older.  Maybe next year or the year after we may try again.  They really did ask and give me the sad faces this year and really wanted to go.  Plus with Miguel being so young....yes I know its not an excuse, but he has already been sick 2x since he's been born.  I have been keeping an extra eye on him and him being out in the wind/cold.  I know I WON'T 'keep up with the jones's' and get those $20, $30, $40 costumes for the kids.  Whatever we can find on hand or hand me down even just regular dress up will be good with us.

For now, Harry Potter Marathon is great for us!  The kids have hand me down costumes from cousins that they are wearing while we watch the movie.  AND the bonus of it all - I'm letting them eat CRAP.  By crap i mean all the junk I NEVER let them eat (a little soda, lots of candy, cheeseballs and the like).  Its our on the couch grazing/bonding time!

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