Sunday, October 24, 2010

YES I made this!

Most people who know me know i'm not crafty.  I wasn't gifted with that bone in my body.  The women in my family cross stitched, crocheted, sewed and other crafty  NADA.  Everybody always told me because i'm left handed I couldn't do it or it would be too hard to teach me.  I've wanted to do a tie blanket for each of my kids for a LONG time now.  I even bought the fabric YEARS ago for the older ones and never did it.  My sister in law made the girls blankets for me, they aren't tie but they are cute and my good friend did Dominics.  I bought fleece for Giovanni months ago and it still sits.  Yesterday I found fleece at walmart that i thought was adorable for Miguel and i bought some.  I kind of started it last night but today I did this:

It honestly didn't take me that long to do and I hit the learning curve early on it too.  I know that I WILL get Giovanni's done within the next week and will be posting pictures of it too.  I also have it in my mindset to do a couple for some friends of mine who recently had babies or who will be having babies soon.  I guess this old dog CAN learn new things!  What do you think?  I'm thinking of taking the left over scraps to make bean bags or something for the kiddies for our 'diaper box cornhole game'.  Anyone want to teach me any other crafts?  Would LOVE it!

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