Sunday, October 31, 2010

personal challenges

If I don't have to hold myself accountable to someone then I usual don't do things I say i'm going to do.  I get lazy and tired and blah feeling.  Work hours have yet again changed which again complicates life and schedules.  So i think in order for me to do things around my house AND to have more time with the kiddies, i'm going to start setting personal challenges for myself weekly - starting small and working up.

Challenges for the week:

Use crockpot at least 1x this week
Exercise 2x this week at least 30 minutes each time
Make a menu for next week

I started out small and its all obtainable as long as I don't let the cold weather make me crawl under my blankets. I also have whoever reads my blog to hold me up to my own challenges.

How are you going to challenge yourself this week?

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