Sunday, October 24, 2010

eggs, its whats for breakfast!

I LOVE EGGS.  It doesn't matter how they are cooked, I will eat them.  My kids, well that's another story.  I guess I can call eggs my guilty pleasure sometimes.  I don't make them enough for me and i should because they are SO fast to make.  So this morning, as I make when I do make them,  I made what should have been an omelet but I just scramble because I am ALWAYS impatient when I cook them.

I took veggies on hand --- colorful peppers, zucchini, onion (will add other things like potato, cauliflower, broccoli or whatever is on hand when i have it) and sauteed it in BUTTER until soft.  I rummaged around the cupboard and found a package of the single slice SPAM (another guilty pleasure) and cubed that up and let that all get happy in the pan together.  I then mixed the last 3 eggs i had with Adobo seasoning and a dash of milk and into the pan they went.  I let it cook firmer then i usually like (i like runny eggs) and then plated it up!  I added some fontina cheese on the side and the tastes and smells brought me back to being a child in my Nonnas house. 

What's your favorite egg recipe?

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  1. I love scrambled eggs with o'brien potatoes and hot sauce. So quick and SO YUMMY!