Saturday, October 23, 2010

which way do i go???

i've been thinking alot lately on which direction my blog should take.  do i go ahead and forget posting about things in my life and make this a total foodie blog?  some say that i'm a really AWESOME cook and i LOVE to make up new recipes or try new i do that exclusively?  maybe if i did, it would help my kiddies to stop being SO picky.  they have picked that up lately from somewhere and i don't like it!  do i continue on with this just exclusively being randomness about me and the kids and memories and such?  OR should I try an equal variety of both? it could be cooking/family things/randomness about my kids and maybe something about crafts or organization or something?   i know not too many people follow but....maybe more would be interested?  it would be great to know that people would be willing and wanting to try some of my recipes.....

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