Sunday, August 29, 2010

random memories ---- dad's side

for some reason this is what's been on my mind today.....memories from my childhood dealing with my dad's side of the family.  this happens often but today i'm sharing:

my aunt joan having the family over for dinner in her tiny apartment and putting black olives in EVERY component of the dinner.  needless to say, it was still mentioned often before i moved to Indiana and probably won't ever be forgotten.  we all came home pretty hungry that night!  OH her phone calls could always tell when she was drinking, extra lovey dovey and very long winded!

my uncle pete (john)'s pride and joy card....standing joke at any and all funerals (and there were MANY before i turned 10), his limburger cheese under the stairs of their house, and the marshmallows he and auntie olga always had for me (especially her shoving them into my hands in church at my first communion! <3)

being a flowergirl in my cousin Dolly's wedding when i was 5.  probably my first taste of beer when i thought it was ginger ale.

uncle joe was a card.  for graduations or communion or whatever he always gave a check that wasn't a normal amount (always something like $25.95 or something wierd. 

uncle leo --- he was one of the awesome ones, a true bachlor.  my favorite memories was him coming over and bringing me laminated cards that i treasured.  i used to sit on his lap forever when he came over.  i also remember when he died and being explained how he died because i asked. 

uncle gary --- another awesome one another bachlor.  uncle gary was good for whatever mom and dad didn't give - candy, pop, chips, scandal sheets, ice cream man, out to dinner on our birthdays, shopping trips galore, money and letting me call the '976' numbers back when they were free for jokes, horoscopes, santa or just whatever.  he visited almost daily expect for fridays when he worked late.  he was everybody's favorite in the family.  then things changed and he changed and alot stopped.  will always remember how awesome he was to us!  he's the last living sibling my dad has.  wish uncle gary wasn't such a punk and would come around like he used to.  

i don't have too many memories of my auntie theresa (my godmother) or her husband (my godfather)....just more after she passed away and uncle ernie remarried a filipino lady and the awesome food that was cooked.  he was always welcomed to family events too and came to them with her.  i wish i kept in better contact with Cora.  it would be nice to know what she was up to these days and her boys too!

and then there's auntie annie.  i don't have memories of her...she lives in california but i remember her and uncle bill starting to call again close to the time that auntie annie passed away.  i do have a picture of her in my head from me being probably 3 or 4 and i am sitting on her lap in a recliner at uncle gary's house.  i wish i would have known her more.

another fond memory (dismal to most i'm sure) is the funeral home.  wasiks were friends from grade school of my dad's family and we were always made to feel like family when we were there for one funeral or another.  i used to love running up and down the stairs in the old 7 mile location and that was the place that had the BEST carpet to glide on and then shock someone!!!!

maybe i'm missing home or something and thats why family memories are gnawing at me.....its been a LONG time since i've been home

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