Sunday, July 18, 2010

my casa

yes, i'm blogging about my house today!  for those who know me well, i'm a packrat --- a MAJOR packrat!  I get lazy and hate to clean, especially in this heat.  the other day i was upset and frusterated and instead of sitting down and feeling sorry for myself i organized and picked up my house.  i was able to give about 8 boxes of 'stuff' to people on freecycle and i got rid of 4 or 5 boxes of papers!  its SO nice to have a clean house...or clean for me.  i'm sure there's still a little chaos here or there and i still need to mop the floors but, i feel like a weight is off my shoulders!  i definately will keep it up, especially now that i'm going back to work in a week and half.  i'm really proud of myself for doing this! 

i'm also really excited for my dinner today!  i've made red rice, chicken thighs, corn on the cob and cucumbers in sour cream and vinegar like we had growing up.  dessert will most likely be icees for the kids and i will have my superman icecream!!!  gotta enjoy it before its gone!  SO glad that meijer carries it in its freezer case!

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  1. With five kids, you are guaranteed to have some chaos! But I'm so glad you found the energy to get rid of all that extra 'stuff'. It can take such a toll on us just by having it sit around!

    And the name of the ice cream should be changed to "supermom". In my opinion. :-)