Tuesday, July 20, 2010

raves and rants


My kids were approved to go to Goshen Schools!  Long story.....they could have had to go to the one right here in my ghetto but thank the LORD they are not! 

Dominic had Kindergarden assessment today and did awesome!  I was grilling him in the car before we went and it amazed me what he know!  counting to #109 (you only have to count to like 25-30 for K), spelling his first, middle, last name, ALOT in spanish!, phone number and some other random things

Miguelito's smile melts me!

Giovanni has picked up Spanish like nothing!  I hope we can keep it up!

Giovanni's graduating therapy tomorrow ---- he's really come such a LONG way!

I'm VERY grateful for someone who is very kind and always giving good advise and compliments!  It lifts me up!!!


Family sucks sometimes!!! 

My neighbors suck all the time!

I hate how my kids play at the dinner table

I'm done with the humidity!

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  1. I am also so done with the humidity! When are we going to get this stupid rain they keep warning us about so it will hopefully relieve the dang humidity?? And our neighbors suck too. lol

    I still adore the fact that you call him Miguelito. I wonder if my new daughter would mind if I named her Miguel just so I can use it too? :)