Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cheesy chicken broccoli rice stovetop something

here's a quick and easy fakeout dinner that people will think took forever!  it has your protein AND veggie already mixed in and possibly whole grain if you choose to go that way!

1 or 2 packages of broccoli & cheese rice (can be whole grain or regular, name or store brand)
chicken (boneless skinless pieces of your choice, i like thighs)
steamers brand broccoli & cheese

poach chicken stovetop with however you like (i like adobo, reicado, chicken boullion and a little red pepper flake) til cooked through.  cook package of rice according to directions.  let sit.  cook the broccoli in the microwave.  either shread or chunk up the chicken and mix into the rice add the broccoli/cheese from the microwave and mix.  you can add additional cheddar cheese if you like. 

Today I served with a sice of pickles, crackers and raw carrots and celery.  Honestly the first time i made i didn't have a side, it is kindof all together.  but i'm sure you can have whatever you wanted as a side.  ENJOY!

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