Monday, July 5, 2010

food for the week....

ok, so i have EVERYBODY home this week --- the older 3 do not have daycare for summer break.  So its me and 5 monkeys home all week!  hopefully i keep my sanity!

Since Giovanni is still with Meghann til tonite, we went grocery shopping and hopefully it will last the week for us.

Breakfasts will either be cereal or oatmeal with milk of coure
Lunches will be sandwiches --- ham, turkey, salami, pb & j OR chicken/cheese (maybe refried bean too) quesadillas
monday taco salad (ground beef mixed with kidney beans and black olives) with lettuce, tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, sour cream, salsa, western dressing and refried beans (definate)
(the rest of the week can change spots)
tuesday boneless skinless chicken thighs with broccoli cheese and rice
wednesday hot dogs, mac & cheese and baked beans
thursday pork chops and pasta salad
friday leftovers
weekend I have no clue yet!  ideas are always welcome!

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  1. Hot dogs, mac and cheese and baked beans is one of our classic dinners! We love it!