Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Yet another rainy weekend. I hope this isn't how it will be all summer long, definately a bummer if it is. I am SO proud of everything I accomplished yesterday! Finally all the laundry not only washed but folded and put away too, ok well the kids at least, I will be putting my stuff away today definately. I worked my butt off in the kitchen too with all the dishes and a slight amount of kitchen purging.

My list is in writing and i'm ready to go to the grocery store AFTER I shower. I think I have a partial menu planned for the week too!

Today --- homemade hamburgers (on the foreman), oven potato wedges and pasta salad (and that will last the week)

Monday --- Sandwiches (ham or turkey) and garden salad

Tuesday --- Shells n Cheese with ground up garbanzo beans (sneek in those veggies!) with chicken of some sort

and then the rest of the week is shaping up for leftovers, perogi's, salmon patties, breakfast night, spaghetti

And of course, do I ever follow my menu when I make it? Not really! I really need too though! I have TONS of beans and should be making more rice and beans. Not only is it a favorite of the children but it also keeps them full and 15 minutes after we clean the table I'm not listening to them complain that they are hungry!

I know I put in there that I'm sneeking in the veggies. I'm very greatful that my children are very good at eating and trying veggies for the most part. I sneek them in just for the extra punch or if I know they are extra grumpy or tired they won't eat them. I am trying to reclaim my kitchen and cook healthier less processed foods. The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution really hit home for me. I was doing SO good at feeding my kids really healthy for a long time then I got into a funk and it was processed foods galore or we stopped at the Golden Arches or other fast type food alot too. It HAS to stop. I am back to giving it ONLY as a treat hopefully once a month. Even when the babysitter comes over I'm hoping to start utilizing my crockpot alot more and having a healthy dinner cooked in it for all of them! I've been buying flavored bottle water for them, the juice is few and far inbetween. We are almost completely on 2% milk for now. Once summer hits, they have issues digesting the milk so the amounts they drink will lessen. Thank goodness they are not addicted to soda, just me unfortunately! I need to get myself cut down on soda too. Don't know how but maybe after this baby is born I can work harder at it. Ok, I think thats it for today. I've ranted a little and raved some too I think. Its still early and want to get things done before the skys open again and let loose on us. If you have any suggestion or healther recipes or just anything, please leave me a comment! Its great to know if someone is reading this.

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