Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, Monday

Yet another Monday and another day closer to meeting the new little bundle! It certainly has been a wierd day today. I woke up and actually felt rested but after getting the locos ready for school, it was like a train hit me! Oh and my maternity pants just won't stay up anymore --- i'm SO not liking this! Just a few more days until our Spring program at school. I'm really hoping not just Dominic and Gabriella do well, but my class of 24 4's do well too. We have 5 new kids between this week and last and then two who come part time and we are hoping that we sound somewhat decent WITHOUT anyone falling off the risers. Oh and speaking about my work, i'm SO SO excited! We planted as Cosmo seeds last week as gifts for Mother's Day and some of them started sprouting already! I was really worried that it wouldn't be a positive outcome for the small groups but i'm really pleased with myself and the children's hard work so far. Into week 3 of school for me and I'm struggling to keep up. I'm SO tired and when I start homework, other distractions get in the way. I need some motivation people!!! Today for dinner I reinvented our leftover rice and beans from last night. We had TONS of beans left with very little rice left....SO what I did was take the beans, little bit of rice and added some ditalini pasta to it and it was AWESOME! The kids have asked to eat rice and beans like that more often! I have also been splurging and buying more dessert type foods for the house and we finished up some Strawberry Jelly Rolls. My brain is fried and my eyelids are getting heavy and its still early, but I'm going to sign off for today....

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