Monday, April 26, 2010

OB Appointment today.....

Man WHAT a day!  Today was supposed to be an easy day.....far from it!  SO....went to the doctor today.  I've gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks.  I THINK i'm ok with it....I'm still not sure though!  At least I know that soon it will all be coming off and very quickly I hope!  I guess right onto the good stuff.  Doctor has put me on restrictions, i'm down 1 day at work (32 hours a week) due to how my swelling, blood pressure and the head placement of the baby is.  CRAZY STUFF!  I have 7 weeks to go BUT they are definately sure I will go earlier.  Time to freak out right?  Wish I had time for that!  Oh and I was told that if constant contractions start, doesn't matter how far apart they are, head for the hospital because I live 35 minutes away.  OH MY OH MY!

So thats my update for today!  Hope you all are having a great one!

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