Sunday, September 16, 2012

200 situps????

some of you know me personally and know that i'm a little fluffy.  i HATE being fluffy but really quite lazy!  i want change and results but don't want the effort.  i realized the other day that it is the middle of September and jean wearing weather is coming - YUCK! 


a friend of mine who lost 100 pounds started her journey using this.  she told me about it oh about a year and a half ago when i was trying to lose my last baby weight but i never did anything.  yesterday i did the introduction test for situps AND pushups.  while i'm not in the best column, i'm not in the worst either thank goodness! 

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday is going to be push up days (building up to 100 at the end of 6 weeks)

Monday, Wednesday and Friday is going to be my sit up days (building up to 200 at the end of 6 weeks)

I'm SO stinkin nervous but hoping by putting it in my planner and holding myself accountable i should be able to do it!  i'm not posting on my facebook this blog.  i'm hoping though that some of my friends will be able to notice the results.  i'm taking a cue from my lady B and putting myself out there!  hopefully i won't want to repeat too many weeks and be able to complete this within the 6 weeks

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