Saturday, October 8, 2011

Crockpot Pernil (Puerto Rican Style Pork)

How in the world have I blogged for almost 2 years without sharing this recipe?  Pernil is usually served here within our family for special occasions or holidays.  Usually my people buy a whole pig or a LARGE amount of pork butts or other super large chunks of pork and it has to marinade for DAYS and then cook for at least a day in its own.  I knew I had to find a way to make this not only on a smaller scale but also a way where I didn't have to be home all day with the oven on.  I experimented until I came up with this recipe.  I LOVE the taste, the smell just EVERYTHING about this!  Leftovers make GREAT Cubano Sandwiches.

Pernil (Puerto Rican Style Pork)

1)3-4 pound Pork Roast (its OK if its a little fatty, adds to the flavor)
2-3 Tablespoons Vinegar
3 heaping Tablespoons Oregano
2 teaspoons EVOO
4-5 Tablespoons Garlic (i buy mine already pre minced so i use a couple generous squeezes)
Adobo and Sazon (can be found in the Hispanic isle of the grocery store or any Hispanic market)

mix your marinade together in a large zip lock bag or container with a lid and set aside.  Take your pork and stab all over so the marinade goodness will really penetrate the meat.  sprinkle with adobo and sazon and rub it in.  place meat in the baggie (stop here and wash your hands!!!)  then seal and rub and massage the marinade all in the meat.

I like to let mine sit for AT LEAST 8 hours but it can go for UP TO 24 hours!

When ready to cook I place in my Crock, marinade and all and set it on LOW for 10-12 hours (while I'm at work ALL DAY!!!)

Guess whats going to be for dinner at MY HOUSE tomorrow???  Whats on your menu?


  1. Is this a Puerto Rican recipe?? I have never made Lechon in the crock pot!!!!!

  2. You also forgot to add the sofrito it makes a big difference to the taste of the lechon!!!!!