Sunday, September 18, 2011

i didn't abandon you blog.....

Life just has me running CRAZY!  The kids started back to school mid August and life has been a HUGE whirlwind since!  Not only am I working full time but Gio and Gabriella have soccer practice 2 days a week, Dominic flag football 1 day a week, Games for all 3 kids on Saturdays, I have a class every other Tuesday, Sundays are Sunday School, Church and then CRHP.  Fridays are my 'free' night and its supposed to be my catch up day for everything. 

I am SO grateful for grandparents, daddy and everybody else who is helping out by shuffling my kids around or feeding us or just whatever.  Hopefully by the end of October my life will slow down a little and I will get to post more then I have!

I have some GREAT ideas for fall comfort types of foods!

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