Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My family's version of Rouladen - with a crockpot twist

I've been thinking about alot of recipes from my past when I was a child.  One that popped into my head was Rouladen.  I began pouring through the net trying to find a recipe and wasn't I surprised that the way my family made it wasn't really how its supposed to be made!  After talking to a friend of the family she gave me the basic recipe and I took it to the crockpot!


8 pieces of a thin cut of beef (flank or I used very thin eye or round steaks)
8 pieces of carrot
8 chunks of onion
8 slices of BACON

you will also need toothpicks to secure

You can pound your thin meat out even more if you want.  What you do to assemble is place a piece of bacon on top of the beef and then add a piece of carrot and onion.  Roll and then secure with a toothpick.  Do this for each piece of steak.  You can use more then 8, i probably used around 16 or so you would just need that many pieces of bacon, carrot and onion and of course tooth picks.

I layed the rolled up meat on top of thick sliced and seasoned potatoes and then cooked on low for 7 hours.  When it comes out it is SO tender!  You can either dissect it if you like or eat all together. 

It SO reminded me of home!

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