Friday, April 8, 2011

I have an obsession

Such a wierd obsession right?  I heart salsa any way I can get it but have always craved salsa that an old boss used to make weekly when I first moved to Indiana.  The flavors were bright and vibrant and just exploded in your mouth.  I DO have the recipe for his salsa and have made it but I am a woman of convenience.  Fast forward to March 2010 when I had my baby shower at work.  It was asked of me what I wanted for my baby shower. My response was chips and salsa, guacamole and tiramisu.  Out of the three requests I DID get my chips and salsa.  My first bite of this brought me back to first moving to Indiana and my boss Jim's salsa.  I was IN LOVE.  I HAD to have this!  A while went by and I kept looking at stores and everywhere for this salsa.  Finally I researched the company online and found out this is a home state (MI) company who makes this!  YAY!  I LOVE supporting home grown things.  I then found this at my local Sam's club.  I go through this club size container usually in about 2 weeks but this week I've gone through 2 CONTAINERS IN JUST 1 WEEK!  Obsessed I tell ya. 

What's your favorite salsa?

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