Saturday, November 27, 2010

We are Thankful......(a list)

ok, ok, I know Thanksgiving was now 2 days ago.  I am just a little late at posting this but I think its a must that I do.  Some things I may put a reason for, others, I think are self explainatory.  I am thankful for:

  1. my children
  2. my God
  3. having a job - it may drive me nuts but I LOVE my coworkers and the children
  4. being healthy
  5. house - it may not be ideal at the moment but it something and i'm glad to have it!
  6. my family - even if we don't talk or stay in touch
  7. Isaac's family (especially his parents, I don't know how I would keep my sanity without them)
  8. furthering my education
  9. my small group - i will definately enjoy getting to know each and every one of you and am blessed to have you in our lives
  10. PW '04 (its been 6 years but we're still together!) may not be as close to some as I used to be but you are all in my hearts all the time!
  11. Goshen MM - again, I may not come to everything but i LOVE each one of you and hopefully will get to bond better with you all in the future!!!
  12. Food - even if its just mac & cheese or ramen noodles i know we will never starve
  13. my van - it may act wonky at times, but it gets me around town and doesn't fail me
  14. friends - new and old.  we may not talk daily/weekly or even monthly but a comment on FB or a text to see how we're doing or a hello really makes my day!
  15. a messy house - its not always clean but it means i'm spending time with my children
  16. the creative side of me that can come up with a small group for work, experiment with a different spice in while cooking or come up with a wacky, zany game for my kiddies to play
  17. Starbucks - my indulgent treat.  weather its on the way to work, or with the GMM's its a way for me to just relax even when I'm completely stressed out
  18. silence - it gives me time to reflect on past, present and future, or a time to pray
  19. Lambrusco Vino
  20. 'the one'
Life may not always be perfect but for now, its perfection for me wrapped up in a bottle!  2011 will bring much change and help me move on to bigger and better.  And if I haven't mentioned it, I'm thankful for you!

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