Sunday, October 10, 2010

do you think there's enough food here???

I love to cook.  Plain and simple.  Some say I should have gone to school to work on a few skills but I'm not.  Life is just too busy for that right now.  Its 6am Sunday morning and what am i doing?  I am getting things ready for my daughter's birthday party at 2pm today.  Dinner today will consist of:  Beef and Noodles, a Puerto Rican style Pork Roast (both of which were in the crockpot), mashed potatoes, PR style rice, pasta salad, potato salad and then cupcakes as made by a good friend of mine.  I am cooking everything EXCETP the Rice (Sue requested it of her uncle to make) and the Potato Salad (no one can make as good as my mother in law's).   As I go over the menu in my head, I can hear people now "are you cooking for an army or what?".  Yes, I know I probably over did it, I usually do when it comes to food as some may know.  Food to me is comfort and happiness.  Alot of memories of mine revolve around food/kitchen/table with great people of my present and past.  Maybe not all the memories were great ones but the ones of my past made me who I am today and the ones of the present keep making me a better person  Yes, I do over do it - you NEVER know who will show up and I always have to be prepared for that just in case.  If not and there's extra, many people go home happy with leftovers.  I don't have the talents my brother in law has with everything he cooks and I don't have the experience my mother in law has, but I have MY way and sometimes people say that MY way is the best for certain things. 

I wish i had more of 'MY' family recipes (aka mom's side) but I don't know how to get them.  I have asked siblings to help out but to no avail i don't receive.  There are certain things that i definately DO miss eating from this side of the family.

Back to the kitchen to do my thing - Bring more comfort and joy to others in my life.

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