Wednesday, July 28, 2010


i really hate being lied to.  there are a few people who must think i'm entirely stupid or something to not know certain things when they are so obvious.  give me credit, just because i'm blonde doesn't mean i'm stupid.  i really wish the lies would stop and whatever motives that are to be had just either quit or happen.  with the information that i know so much could blow up in peoples faces but i choose to lay low and keep calm about it, even though its hard.  priorities are not for what really is important.  priorities are there for people, places and things that don't matter.  things can happen in the blink of an eye and then where will we all be?  i just know that i'm doing the absolute best possible for me and my babies and thats it.  people can either be with us or against us, but i would prefer they be truthful.

on another note:

post baby exam yesterday and they did a councilng interview (for PPD) and the therapist couldn't believe that after being depressed severely with my first 4 pregnancies that i'm not having any symptoms now.  she was completely amazed.  maybe things don't always go smoothly throughout everyday but i'm making it and surviving!  i can tell the difference with 'Lito too and the energy that I give off to people.  I'm really proud of myself on this!!!

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