Sunday, June 27, 2010

birth story

so its been a few days since Miguel was born and i know alot of people have been asking for his birth story.  so i will share....not necessarily all the gruesome gorry details but the hilights. 

tuesday night onto wednesday was a really rough night sleeping for me.  my oldest woke up with a potty accident and then bunked in with me.  it was hotter then usual for me that night and i couldn't rest comfortably.  about 330am i woke up to go to the bathroom and had some spotting.  i knew it was time to start moving.  i text a couple people just giving a heads up and started packing up the kids and waking them up.  the kids were SO excited to know the baby was coming hopefully that day.  i was able to get the children around to goshen and call my doula who told me immediately to go to the hospital.  (i test positive on the strep test and needed to have enough of the meds pumped into me before this one was born and wasn't sure how long the labor would last.)  so about 5am i got to the hospital and my doula and midwife got there shortly after.  i was checked and i was 5cm and my contractions were about 4 minutes apart.  i still had a long way to go.  i was able to walk around, squat, sit on the ball and a few other things for quite a while before i felt like i couldn't take it anymore.  back into the bed i went, was checked and was at i think a 7 or 8 and was able to be given a shot of nubaine (pain reducer) and was able to relax slightly and rest in between contractions.  i finally started pushing approx 8am and Miguel Isaiah was born at 8:48am after some very very intense pushing.  He was weighed and tested and all that good stuff and his stats were 7 pounds 12.8 ounces and 20 inches long with a 13 3/4 head.  He is perfect!  This is when the yucky stuff started happening....about 20 minutes after birth the midwife started trying to get my placenta out and it would not come detached from my uterus wall.  we tried waiting for about 2 hours with more then 60cc's of pitocin pumped into me.  She was even worried and called in the main doctor of our practice.  he tried to help manually remove it and it was painful.  the pitocin started kicking my ass.  my original time for my tubal was almost 2pm and bumped up to 11am.  I was told there could have been a few more complications involved with it and it really freaked me out.  I was scared not only for me but for my children too.  SO many things were going through my head and it was hard to be calm and relax.  Then they came to take me to surgery and i freaked out slightly more.  i was tired and exhausted and worried.  Finally in preop and was told some extra concerns with the placenta removal (which was done manually)...I finally went into the OR around 1120am and came back to the room around 230pm.  I lost ALOT of blood.  i was sore and exhausted.  They wanted me to eat when all I wanted to do was sleep.  I was NOT accepting visitors at that time.  I tried to do some small facebook updates and really don't remember much of the afternoon.  I rested some and finally started taking visitors around 5pm.  Day 1 was done.  My midwife came the next morning to see me and told me the excessive amounts of pitocin would cause alot of swelling and i didn't beleive i do --- my feet are so stinkin swollen that they hurt.  I was able to leave the hospital on Friday and we spent the night at my sister in law's house.....Saturday we came over to my mother in law's and we will be here til Monday, maybe Tuesday.  Its been an interesting few days.  Can't wait to hear his stats at the first doctors appointment on Tuesday.  Miguel is already eating 2 ounces every two hours and as a normal child of mine, is having issues with pooping....

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