Sunday, September 2, 2012

getting back on track

i will admit, i've REALLY slacked with my family.  i am not sure when it happened or how it happened but it did and its MY fault!

thursday we had a family meeting and i relayed family/house rules into place.  today i put a menu back into effect in our home!  while i don't have firm days for everything, this is what we are eating this week and i refuse to stop and get lunchables because i'm LAZY!  I have no reason to be, 3 nights are going to be crockpot meals.  I spent $66 today and i'm hoping for it to stretch and last at least 1 1/2 weeks and that includes a leftover or two day.

so here we go in no certain order my weekly menu:

crockpot country ribs and saurkraut
crockpot ham and bean soup
crockpot chicken and potato tacos
rice and beans
leftover sloppy joe

one step at a time, life is getting back on track!  whats on your menu this week?  inspire me

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  1. I'm curious about your house rules!! We're having pizza (niece and nephew are spending the night), grilled chicken, sloppy joe, lasagna, and chili.